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baby point lower hutt


When having a child in your vehicle that is of the age to use a car seat it is important to ensure that it is mounted corectly. If the child seat is fitted with a tether strap coming from the back of the seat, your vehicle requires a child seat anchor. Some customers find that in newer model vehicles these anchor points come as standard.

When inspecting your vehicle for an anchor point, some common mistakes can be made by parents and guardians.  In many cars, luggage hooks resemble a child seat anchor. These points are load rated to around 15 kilos, which is not nearly enough to restrain a child seat in the event of an accident. 


Child seat anchors can be mounted into the floor, seats and even the roof! We can evaluate your car and advise as to where the best place for fitting an anchor is and even fit it for you in less than an hour!


We are also recomended by the Baby Factory!

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