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Importing a vehicle into New Zealand can be a tricky business. After organising and shipping the vehicle to New Zealand, there is one final hurdle to overcome to allow the car onto New Zealand roads: Compliance. 


What is Compliance? 

Compliance is the certification process of taking a fresh import from another country, checking all the standards and safety measures of the vehicle and deeming it legal for New Zealand roads.


This sounds fairly straight forward, but is actually a very in-depth and complex process.  When the vehicle arrives on site at NZVC it must be stripped of its interior paneling and load points and the structural integrity of the vehicle is checked. All standards and markings on the vehicle lights, mirrors, tyres and even windows must be inspected and ensured that they meet regulation. The vehicle then must undergo a full brake strip, suspension and under body inspection. This inspection is much more stringent than a WOF inspection, with lower and stricter tolerances for measuring of all components. The vehicle is then re-assembled and an emissions exhaust test and brake measurement reading is taken. The final stage is the paper work; fuel emission statements, shipping and ownership documents must all be presented to allow the car to pass its final stage.


We specialise in all makes and models of vehicle for compliance including, vintage, american, electric and new vehicles - which may have come from Japan, Singapore, UK or Australia and many more countries. We take pride in our work with care and attention to detail, we can make the process easy and painless by helping you step by step even before you purchase!


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